Kintsugi mag

Kintsugi is actually a Japanese art form which takes broken pottery and ceramics, and mends them with precious metals. The result is a beautiful piece of pottery. The idea behind it is to highlight or illuminate the faults in the piece, rather than throw it out because of them.

Kintsugi Magazine is a lifestyle publication which tries to carry the essence of this Japanese art-form, and apply it to the lives of young women, aged 18-35 years old. After having a look, I was able to see there is not much out there in the market that specifically targets personal development. I envision this publication to be almost like a mentor to the audience.

The publication is not real, however will “launch” in three months.

Audience breakdown:

  • 18-35 year olds (largest portion being 21-35 year-olds)
  • Women
  • LA + NYC, USA.

Kintsugi knows its audience is interested in:

  • Personal development
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Career
  • Creativity/DIY projects
  • Holistic view of medicine

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