F.I.R.S.T. FINANCE PTY LTD was registered and established in 2014. It has been granted the Australian financial services license. The features of our company are fast, ideal, reliable, secure and trust. The main business scope for the whole Australia, dedicated to solving the production and operation of short-term funding needs. Providing a flexible, convenient, fast and high-quality financial services to customers. The scopes of services involve bridge loan, house mortgage loan, car loan, business loan, enterprise loan, wage loan, stock equity loan and other services.

With the approval of Australian financial services license, our company also accept external financing and our deposit rate is 2-2.5 higher than fixed deposit of Australian bank.

F.I.R.S.T. FINANCE mainly in the service of all kinds of small and micro enterprises, individual businesses and individual customers. It focuses on business to business model. The scale of small and micro enterprises is fewer than 250 employees, as well as the capital asset is less than PhP 3,000,000. Furthermore, the marketing of small and micro enterprises is haphazard and informal in terms of the way they manage the companies that they make decisions by their own. In addition, those enterprises tend to have small and non-expensive networks with little resort to expected external contacts.

The key message of FINANCE is to providing different genre of loans to solve customer’s financial problem.

Guo Xuan


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