Brief — Center of Ocean Conservation(Zeyuan Zhang)

The organization that I will recommend is a non-governmental organization (NGO). Its name is Center of Ocean Conservation, short for COC. Its purpose is to protect the Australian Marine environment and Marine biodiversity, such as reef systems and fish. COC also accepts charity, one part of funds and materials will be transferred to the world wide fund for Marine conservation projects and activities, other parts will be used in Marine conservation popularization activities for communities and primary schools. They will also recruit volunteers for the Network propaganda.

Basically, the COC’s target audience is the all age groups of people who are concerned about Marine environmental protection. But the COC’s propaganda strategy mainly base on the social networks. So its main target audiences are the Australian people, at the age group of 20 to 40, who live near the sea and use social networking platforms frequently, also including middle class. This part of the population is about 6.1 million. People in this age group are usually received high school education, and they have certain cognition to the Marine protection, amount of money and the ability to act. The common characteristic of these people is that they widely used smartphones and social media, some of them are medium and heavy users of social networks, and they stay online more than one hour per day. So the online advertising strategy is a good way to cover target population.

The Examples:

Online activity: Encouraging the audience to send their photos or videos of picking up rubbish in the seaside on the Facebook page of COC, and we can send a small gift every day through drawing from the users. (T-shirt)

Offline activity: I also consider about offline activities, such as visiting Marine museum and expert lectures.


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