Mayla Handmade

My social media campaign is for a handcraft business name ‘Mayla’. This is my friend’s business in Indonesia, which focus on handmade bags, wallets and accessories. The products are only made by order and limited to keep its uniqueness.

The business has been started two years ago, but the promotion was mostly from person to person. So it’s quite difficult to widen the networks to reach bigger market. Therefore, I am planning to reconstruct her social media strategy that may connect her to handcraft producers and online marketplace in Indonesia, which will help to attract more buyers. The main target audiences are women in range of age 20-35 and business crafters.

My social media concept for Mayla:

  1. Users Creative Content (redesign logo, photos, video and messages)
  2. Users strategy: Build effective communication (fast respond, create valuable conversation, mailing list); creative with the post (content, hashtag, mention)
; and Engage with the audience (product review, testimonial, campaign).

I selected 4 social media platforms based on its popularity in Indonesia:

  1. Facebook: Fan page, Like and link to other craft business network
  2. Twitter: Effective message through its limited characters; influence the followers
  3. Google+: more popular for audience 30+; Hangouts facility to maintain communication with customers
  4. Instagram: photos; popular hashtag; and comments.

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