Kimura Shukokai Karate Sydney

About the organisation:

Kimura Shukokai Karate (KSK) Sydney is a newly formed karate school based in Paddington in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Its three instructors work full time and classes are offered on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings to suit working professionals.

KSK Sydney is part of one of the largest single style karate organisations globally, Kimura Shukokai International (KSI), which has schools in 22 countries.

The three instructors regularly travel around the world to train with the chief instructors, bringing back the latest training techniques to provide students with dynamic instruction rooted in the traditions of karate.

Market analysis:

Australia has a thriving fitness culture and in recent years more Australians have embraced the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This has seen a strong and growing trend away from quick fixes and easy options, and a surge in more traditional and no-frills training options such as outdoor classes, cross fit, yoga, pilates, boxing and mixed martial arts.

Karate traces its origins back more than 700 years, and KSK hits the mark for what many fitness enthusiasts are looking for. The challenge and campaign concept is to surprise and inspire the target audience to think differently about karate; then provide them with interesting and enriching content to support their personal journey.

Target audience:

Adults (18 – 65) living within 10km of Paddington, with an interest in martial arts or an alternative to run of the mill fitness:

  • University students
  • Young professionals
  • Mid career professionals/parents
  • More mature professionals

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