Entity – Sasha and Grace

My entity is a start-up of an online e-commerce fashion boutique, called Sasha and Grace, that specializes in selling a mixture of corporate and casual but trendy ‘weekend’ clothing (such as dresses, playsuits and tops) to 21-35 year old Australian females. Apart from a headquarters office where behind-the-scenes work will be carried out (such as customer service and packing stock), the boutique will be strictly online, meaning there won’t be a physical store. The start-up is set to launch in November 2015, so the social media campaign that I will execute in May is a build-up towards the actual launch.

The target audience is:

  • Australian females aged between 21-35 years old
  • Females in the workforce, especially those who work the typical 9-5pm jobs and require purchasing corporate clothing
  • Females who are avid online shoppers
  • Females who are constantly out on the weekend and hence want to purchase trendy but affordable clothing

The key message of the campaign – “fresh, trendy but affordable” is to convince customers that Sasha and Grace is a unique but inexpensive e-commerce store that should be their next online shopping destination. The goal of the campaign is to increase the possibility of sales and create a visible presence for the brand in the Australian retail market within the target audience.


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