D-IN Film

D-IN Film is videography studio started in late 2013. The studio is capable of offering elegant, high-end, and good-quality videos for mostly weddings and sometimes for business entities.

Even though it has a distinct advantage in video production, the marketing strategy is far delayed. There is rarely any marketing plan at the moment. In the aspect of social media promotion, D-IN Film has its accounts across a wide range of platforms, but none of them is well organized and properly operated on a daily basis. Therefore, the social media campaign would like to firstly get 20% more brand awareness among the target market, and secondly build up a positive brand image among 10% of the target market.

The wedding videos produced by D-IN Film have a distinct focus of emotion telling. This is because the producers in the studio value human emotion to a great extent. Therefore, the campaign will extract and apply this concept, in order to depict the image of our brand D-IN Film.

In addition, wedding video is a one-off product, which most customers only purchase once. Thus, it’s not advisable to cumulate a large number of followers for our social media accounts. Instead, we should create a big buzz in an intense period of time, and try to raise awareness and interest among the target audiences, who are preparing for their wedding in that particular period.


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