Brief – Not For Sale Australia

The entity for my campaign is an NGO called Not For Sale Australia (NFSAU). NFSAU are an anti-slavery organisation whose mission is to end modern day slavery. NFSAU take a multi-faceted approach to the abolition of slavery – providing after care for survivors, building social enterprises to create jobs for people at risk of slavery, raising awareness and funds for its projects, and engaging with consumers and the business sector to reduce exploitation and slavery in supply chains.

NFSAU currently has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The audience is socially aware and shows interest in social justice & human rights issues. Facebook followers are predominantly females (70%) aged 18-34 (52%), whereas twitter followers show a more even gender split (51% M), with interests in business (58%), Not for profits (51%) and human rights (36%).

A large proportion follow a number of other Australian NGO’s particularly within the anti-slavery space such as Stop The Traffik Australia, The Salvation Army Freedom Partnership, and Anti Slavery Australia.

The audience has demonstrated a particular interest in ethical consumerism and interacts in groups and forums on this topic. A significant proportion of the market segment also has a connection with faith-based communities who see social justice as core to their Christian identity.

My campaign aims to target the young demographic of NFSAU with a photo sharing competition promoting ethical consumerism during Fairtrade Fortnight.


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