Brief – Lekke Tucker

Lekke Tucker (LK) is a growing small business owned, managed, developed and produced by Jean-Charles Gares; a French guy living in Australia producing a South African recipe. Biltong. As he states “LK is a gourmet snack company, sourcing the best raw products and crafting biltong with passion… You have the power to spend your money responsibly, eat better, eat healthier, be happier”.

LK aims to be on the top of the biltong gourmet business, keeping the high quality and ecofriendly style productions with his organic growth. LK is at the early phase, where his needs to do all the paperwork to be a legal business, in terms of ABN and permissions.

LK aims to any person that’s looking for quality and local products. People aged 25-55 years, men and women alike. Middle and upper class personas, educated, students and office workers that enjoy sharing moment with their friends (#lekkemoments). They lived on the CBD and Inner-West Sydney. Most of them are foreign or overseas background with high tech literacy.


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