Brief – Equal Pay AU

Equal Pay AU, an Non-Governmental Organization works to raise public’s awareness of gender wage discrimination and accelerate progress on narrowing this gap, by inspiring and engaging individuals and communities, equal pay au call on the public to end wage discrimination against women.

Basically this wage discrimination issue should be concerned by everyone, but to maximize the influence as much as possible, I would divide the target audience into 2 groups, female adult (25-50), male adult (25-50).

First of all, most of the professional female adults have multiple identities – daughter/mother/wife, they are capable of switching these identities between work life and private and social life. In fact, one of the most frequent wage discrimination cases happen in when a woman having the new born baby and come back to work. Therefore, they would have so much to say. Secondly, when it comes to social media, women are more vocal, expressive and willing to share. Several researchers have found that women are more dedicated to social media and they tend to express their feelings in social media, for example write about family, romantic relationships, friendships, and health. In other words, they are the emotional targets.

Male Adult (25-50) – this group also has multiple identities but seems not obvious to be seen the switch. Though men is less likely to use social media than women, they also need social media to gather information to help them perform research, gather relevant contacts and ultimately increase their status. They tend to use professional-networking site such as LinkedIn and Google+, therefore rational content would be more accessible to them.

The key message of the campaign is stop short-changing women and support your females. To convey the message, the whole campaign is trying to make an emotional bond with female audience to attract their attention and by showing dramatic examples to ask for support from male audience.


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