Adopt Not Shop

The entity that I’m working with is a tricky one – it is an organisation which aiming on caring for surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals, but not yet officially registered and still in the preparation process. Since this organisers wanted to build the organisation into an online entity rather than a physical shelter house, we decided to do a 10-day intensive campaign. The campaign might be a little bit experimental which is designed to see if the social media platforms are workable for an entity without physical appearance, and to explore the possibilities to launch a long-term campaign.

The campaign is called ‘Adopt Not Shop’ and the key message is ‘Adoption: Because Love Doesn’t Come with A Price Tag’. The social image of the entity will be shaped as positive and active, showing the consideration and caring for abandoned animals.

As a Sydney-based animal protection organisation, it would be great if the campaign can reach out to people from different background. However, at the first stage, the target audience will be pet and animal lovers, both female and male, aged between 18 to 65, and especially those who have adopted pets.

Based on the research online, some possible facts about audience are:

1. They like to share. Based on research that 14% of pet owners maintain a Facebook page for their pets while 6% on twitter.

2. They are most active commenting on Fridays.

3. They like to post funny and cute pictures with hashtags, for example #catselfie.

4. They tend to check on social media platforms frequently.


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