Syrinscape – Revolutionising Tabletop Gaming

Syrinscape is an Australian app developed to add ambient background sounds and a movie like soundtrack to your tabletop gaming experience. The sounds can be paired to a gaming experience drawing players into the experience and captivating them in a new world.

There are 3 different targets audiences

  1. The Hardcore Gamer (50%) : This consumer is predominantly Male 18 – 45 who has been collecting multiple types of games from a variety of styles and publishers. He is looking for the variety and ability for Syrinscape to work at his weekly game session.
  2. The Casual Gamer (40%) : This consumer is also predominantly Male 18 – 45 and is usually connected to a Hardcore gamer as a player in their games. This user is wanting to make their games better and more movie.
  3. The Alternate User (10%) : This is a user who is using the program outside the designed use. this can be meditation, set for stage or even theme park rides.

The social media campaign is designed to educate the consumers at the hardcore level with scope of use and the casual user with great great possibilities to add to their gaming experience.


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