pnut buttr

pnut buttr – is an Australian peanut butter line launching in May 2015. Using only Australian peanuts sourced from Queensland, Northern NSW and the Northern Territory, pnut buttr’s natural line will consist of 2 primary products – ‘Crunchy like Gravel’ and ‘Smooth like Sade’. Both products will be available all year round and are made of peanuts that have been blanched, roasted, mashed up to their respective texture, lightly salted and jammed into a jar.

A secondary line of short run products will also be available 3 times a year, with the texture, favours, origin and name of the peanut butter being crowdsourced. Providing a unique product and experience that engages and challenges consumers to get creative and make great tasting peanut butter.

pnut buttr’s primary demographic is males aged 24 – 45, the secondary demographic is females aged 30 – 39. These consumers are considered ‘modern grocery buyers’, they are informed, they like to influence, they expect more from the brands they purchase (i.e. a mix of price & quality) and they are loyal to brands that deliver on expectations.

pnut buttr’s simple, natural, great Australian peanut butter will be available online via and stocked at Woolworths and IGA supermarkets nationally.