Online Gambling – Social Media Campaign

I have chosen to create a social media campaign for William Hill, an online gambling company.

The company target young adult males, as this demographic more likely to gamble on the internet. (Federal Department of Communication)

A Google study of males aged 18-34 found that this demographic:

  • Spend more time online (21.7 hrs/wk) than watching TV (10 hrs/wk), and rely on the internet to inform how they spend their disposable income.
  • Love online videos and are more likely to purchase after watching a video. Online videos are like the “Best Friend” that allows them to relax and stay in the loop.
  • View social networks as a “Cool Friend”. This is crucial for developing a tone of voice that appeals to them.
  • Are more responsive to paid search ads than the general population.


Primary data collected shows that 4.6 Million (77%) of Australian males aged 18-45 use either Facebook or Twitter daily. Both platforms offer targeting based on location and interests, enabling us to zero in on our target market with paid advertising.

Due to this, these will be the two main platforms used during this social media campaign.


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