“One Woman”organization For Women Safety

“OneWoman” Organization For Women Safety

“One woman”Organization is a not for profit organization whose aims are to raise the     public awareness towards women safety issues and to establish a healthy and respectful relationship between men and women.

1.Men use violence against women (aged from 18-49) Men use violence in public places, such as parks, pubs, working places.Men use violence against women at home.

Target age groups & Social Media Habits

Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest
Young adults

(Aged from 18-29)

84% 37% 53% 34%

(Aged from 30-49)

79% 25% 25% 28%

2.Women who have experiences of being victims of violence by strangers and intimate partners

Local Australian women  

Indigenous women: Research shows that Indigenous women are much more likely to be victims of violence within the family, compared to non-Indigenous women.

   Women with non-English speaking background

   Women who are unwilling to report to the police after being assaulted

   Girls under 18 years old who have experiences of being assaulted

Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest
Women 77% 21% 29% 42%
Men 66% 24% 22% 13%

Pinterest is a women dominated social media platform.42% of online women use this platform compared with 13% of men users.

3.Witness of violence against women, this include family members such as children, friends and relatives

 4.General audience: men and women (above 18 years old), young people (from 13 years old to 18 years old)

Anyone in the society who is willing to make contributions to campaigns can be categorized as target audience. Those men and women who are potential victims of being assaulted can be target audience as well.

According to Pew Research Centre’s Teens Relationships Survey, from September in 2014 to March in 2015, 71% of teens use Facebook, followed by Instagram and Twitter with 52% and 33% respectively.

5.The authorities, the Police, Policy makers, Medical and health professionals, Communities Service Centers (Above 18 years old) According to Pew Research, more than half (56%) of Internet users ages 65 and older use Facebook. Overall, 71% of Internet users are on Facebook.

Note:All sources are from Pew Research Centre Survey from 2014 to 2015.



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