Montash Jewellery Design

Montash Jewellery Design is a jewellery boutique located in North Brisbane. It was founded in 2003 by Monique Garvey, a jewellery designer, gemologist and diamond valuer.

Style, flair & passion are hallmarks of the Montash brand

Montash specialises in original designs and remodelling of jewellery as well as repairs, valuations and threading. It also carries an extensive retail range.

The company’s main local competitors are Xennox Diamonds and McKims Jewellery Design who offer a similar range of value-added services such as design, remodelling and valuation.

In terms of retailing, competitors include chain stores such as Wallace Bishop and Michael Hill and smaller local retailers such as Diamonds International.

Spectacular pieces at a good price is  a key message of the social media campaign
Spectacular pieces at a good price is a key message of the social media campaign

Montash established a website in 2005. According to Monique Garvey, the website along with word-of-mouth recommendations are the main drivers of the customer base.

Montash began to develop a social media presence in late 2013 with the establishment of a Facebook page. Last year, profiles were also set up on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +.

The information provided on these social networking sites consists mostly of direct promotional material and does not encourage user participation or engagement.

Direct promotions are prominent in Montash's existing social media communication
Direct promotions are a prominent feature of Montash’s existing social media communication

Montash has a well-established customer base that skews female and is diverse in terms of income. Clients come from all over Brisbane as well as the Gold Coast.

From a marketing perspective, Montash’s target audience is women aged over 25. To reach this diverse group, it is necessary to use a range of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Advertising in traditional media is currently limited to local glossy magazine, Style.


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