Monster Mouse Studios

Monster Mouse is a studio enterprise located in the inner west of Sydney. Set over 350 square metres of warehouse style space in Marrickville, it comprises space for 7 contemporary artists and a well-equipped workshop. The space provides an opportunity for emerging and established artists to interact, work and learn within a supportive and creative environment.

The facilities include: -a place for bands to rehearse

-studio space for a wide range of activities such as yoga sessions

-an art gallery

The range of activities that takes place at Monster Mouse Studios includes arts and crafts, ceramics, design drawing, exhibitions, film viewings, installation, jewellery making, meetings, music/sound, new media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, spoken word, textiles, theatre/performance, woodwork, workshops, writing.

With the wide range of activities that are possible at Monster Mouse given the facilities on offer at low prices, the demographic is not constrained by age or a particular audience.   The construct of a social media project aimed at developing a more robust online presence would target musicians, artists and the local community. These are the predominant audiences that would most benefit from the facilities on offer at Monster Mouse. Such audiences constitute a wide online digital presence therefore engagement through social media would enhance the awareness of what is on offer at Monster Mouse Studios.


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