Entity Description – OneHeart

OneHeart is a christian faith community of the Uniting Church, located in Eastwood. The church started at 2010, with the vision of “Breaking down barriers and worship together”, OneHeart soon became an strong force in multiculturalism, worship and missionary movements. Throughout the last few years, OneHeart participated in many cross-cultural youth events, by sharing its gifts and passion, OneHeart has inspired many young people from different cultural groups.

The main audience group OneHeart is focusing is youth and young adults (aged roughly 16-28), regardless of cultural background, who are Christian, interested in Christianity, or generally want to broaden their personal networks. Most members (and target audiences) of OneHeart are oversea students, second-generation immigrants, and young Australians. One of the features that these groups have in common is the frequent use of Internet, social networks and instant messengers to stay connected. Many young people (especially oversea students) are willing to be socialized with other people to open up new networks. Therefore it is a good strategy to strengthen the online sector of OneHeart, and reach out to more young people. The geographical location of OneHeart also determined the target audience for event promotions will be focusing on residents of Eastwood and surrounding areas.