Entity Brief–Stand Blind You

Stand Blind You is an non-government organization in Australia established to help in preventing teenagers’ visual impairment and blindness. This entity aims at raising donations and attracting volunteers in Australia general public, to financially, physically or psychologically help visual disabled teenagers and those with curable visual impairment. We will organize off-line activities to help blind people to build up their self-confidence and assist them to get appropriate medical treatments.

My social media campaign is proposed to raise people’s attention on visual disabled teenagers who, if their eyes were cured, would like to take a selfie of their faces at this blossom age as normal people do. However, most of these disabled teenagers in reality are reluctant to show their eyes to others, not to say posting a selfie on social media platforms.

Therefore, my target audiences are Australian organizations and institutions working on blindness,  Australia media agencies, and particularly those selfie lovers among all active social media users in Australia. According to an infographic by Digital Information World, the use of the word ‘selfie’ has skyrocketed over the past two years, increasing 17,000% since 2012. 47% of adults admits to take selfies and people aged from 18 to 34 take selfies at least once a week. An infographic by shows over 1 million selfies taken daily and these selfies are globally shared most frequently on Facebook(48%), WhatsApp and text(27%), Twitter(9%), Instagram(8%), SnapChat(5%) and Pinterest(2%). In Australia, the leading selfie tools, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have 12 million active monthly users, 2.5 million active Australian users and 1.6 million active Australian users respectively. Besides, media, social institutions and organizations are also the secondary target audiences.For example, @Vision Australia @Blind Citizens Australia @Australian Federation of Disability Organizations.


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