Design Brief: LFSD

My social media campaign is for Lynn Fahey School of Dance (LFSD), a dance school local to the Inner West. LFSD operates four studios in three areas (Burwood, Croydon and Enfield) and runs twice a week: on Monday evenings, and all day on Saturday. LFSD is unique in its rejection of the large, elite, full-time and competitive dance school model. Instead it is marketed as a “community and recreational” school, which means that it values the development of individuals as well as dancers; of social skills as well as physical ability; and of the self, so everyone is welcome.

The audience for this campaign consists of the 70—75 families with children enrolled at LFSD. It includes parents of children aged 4+, and teenagers and young adults aged 14+: essentially, anyone in the school who is old enough to engage with social media. They have simple communication habits, with no clear patterns of use apart from Instagram in younger age brackets and Facebook across the board. This has to do with the full-time nature of work, study, or parenting roles. Nevertheless, this audience is united by a common interest in dance and in the daily and annual events within the LFSD community.

– Jenny Ryan


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