Brief – May House

The online entity I would choose is the boutique-style student accommodation service based in Sydney, Australia, called May House. Dedicated for female only is one of the most unique features. Beside, May house offers a home feeling, boutique style environment, we give options to students with different room types such as private room or shared room as the other institutions do, but unlike them, May house provides the opportunities to customize the roommates assignment rather than assigned randomly for the students whose have their own requirement. For example, students whose use English as a second language might like to choose an English native speaker to be their roommate in order to experience different culture and improve English.

We would like to divide our target audiences into two groups. Firstly, we target in the parents or guardians whose looking for a female only, safe and secure accommodation for their children who first time study aboard and independent living. We also focus on the female students whose looking for a secure, cozy and friendly environment to stay during the oversea studies life. International student are a very specific group, before they leave their family and move to a totally new, undiscovered environment. The first crucial thing they have to face is finding a good place to live. And when they do the research, most of they can only use online communication channels due to the long-distance barrier. Because of this, social media is a suitable and effective platform to use in order to raise target audiences’ awareness; then make them interested; convinced them with unique advantages finally lead them to take action.


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