Brief – Lead Me Astray

The entity I have chosen is a independent Australian thriller film called Lead Me Astray. It is written, directed and produced by Tom Danger who created this film as part of a university assignment. It “follows a young veterinary student, Alexis Willard, as a single act of violence causes his life to come crashing down around him, putting the one person he loves in unspeakable danger as his mysterious past claws its way back into his present. ” (Lead Me Astray, IMDB)

The audience of this film would be fans of the horror and thriller genre and/or fans of Australian/independent films, particularly films with a retro flavour to them like Hobo With A Shotgun or Drive. The age bracket would fall from 16+ as I believe it would be given a M or MA rating.

The demographic of this audience would be found online. The fans of this genre tend to have a big online presence. From interactive forums to fan fiction, fans can be found in online communities. These are the fans I hope to reach with my media campaign. The loyal fans of Lead Me Astray can be found on Facebook. This is because Tom employed local actors, friends, and students to help in making the film and they spread news of it via Facebook.


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