Brief – Inglenook Industries (Tobin Miles)

Inglenook Industries is my one-man small business. It originally began as a means of saving money by making my own birthday cards out of scrap paper. Friends liked what I made I realised I could actually start selling them. I make my cards from scratch (often incorporating orgami or hand drawings) so that each item is unique. While currently limited to card-making, I’m hoping that I can expand Inglenook Industries into providing other paper- and word-based services, particularly resources for people interested in making or using constructed languages.

Inglenook Industries’ current audience is the Christian community of Sydney and surrounding regions. This is a large network of groups formed across various levels from individual church services through to interdenominational organisations. The particular focus group is those amongst the community who are are sustainable and ethical consumption and so are particularly interested in homemade articles. Although ranging in age, the group is predominantly made up of men and women in their 20s and 30s, and the greater part of the community’s presence online is on facebook.


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