Brief Description of My Entity

My entity is a semi-finished food product company, which is called fresh_forever. The major target audiences are young people and families with kids. Most young people live in the big cities. They always get up early to go to work and come back home late. When they come home late, they do not have time to go to market to buy food materials, spend time to wash them , cut them and cook them. Also, after one day’s hard working, they feel very tired. Most young people would choose eat dinner in small resaturates, or eat fast food (noodles) in home. These lifestyles not only are bad for their health, but also spend more many.

The second target audience is  families with kids. Children have weaker immunity than young people. Also, they need more nutrition when they grow up. However, parents need to work, and they always come home with their kids in dinner time. So, parents do not have many time to cook food with balancing nutrition. Some families do not care about children health, they like to buy fast food to their kids. It is not a good way when children grow up.

My entity would help those two target audience save time when they cook. They do not need buy materials and deal with them. The only things they should do is order dishes only, pick up their orders in retailers, and spend several minutes to cook products  when customers come back to home.