Brief—Close the gap

This campaign is designed to support aboriginal education, work for the Australian indigenous education foundation. The objective is close the gap between Indigenous and non‑Indigenous school attendance and educational outcomes by the year of 2018. The Indigenous society in Australia has suffered greatly in the past. However, there are still many Indigenous children who are disadvantaged by their education issues.

The education of children is an enterprise that is the responsibility of families, schools, communities and governments. This campaign’s target audiences include students, teachers, parents, and local government workers.

Teachers and students are the main stakeholders in the learning system. Teachers play a very important role in ensuring that the students complete their education. The students will also be targeted by this campaign. This campaign focuses on age 5 to 18 years students. As another main stakeholder, to benefit them and so enlisting their cooperation will be a big achievement.

Successful programs relate content to real life and work around Aboriginal parents’ limitations. Parents play a very important role in influencing their children, and so they will be instrumental in making this campaign a success.

The input of government is very important. And the local government workers also are campaign’s target audiences.


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