Brief – The Pixels

The Pixels is an entertainment news website, with a focus on content for geek women. It includes a variety of news about comics, video games, TV series, movies, conventions, cosplay, tech and fandom, specifically catered for women. It celebrates nerdy women and women working in the media industry. It also encourages the inclusion of women of all ages in nerd culture, and the participation of said women in diverse debates. The insight of the website works on the idea of a “collage” site or a panel, where the audience may find short articles, photos, videos, etc.

The audience is basically women with an interest in the topics previously mentioned. These women are usually tech-savvy; they consume digital media, and are active on at least one social media platform (if not more). They like critical as well as informative content. They are produsers (or users who generate content), and they participate in “virtual communities” and in trends or discussions (as #GamerGate, #ChangetheCover, #YesAllWomen, etc). They are usually between 15 and 30 years and they are from different races (but predominantly white). They are mostly college graduates or they are on their way to become college graduates.


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