Blog – Clean Energy Future

I have created Clean Energy Future, a non-government organisation advocating for no cuts to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). Clean Energy Future is dedicated to the development of clean energy technologies and believes that current political uncertainty around the RET will cause Australia to miss out on the global renewable energy boom.

The target audience for this social media project is Australians aged 18-24, both men and women. 18-24 years olds are less likely to engage with formal, electoral politics, but are much more likely to engage in political activities over the internet.

The audience I am interested in reaching are already somewhat politically aware. My messaging across the three platforms and the content I will post assumes some prior knowledge about climate science and the need to transition towards a clean energy future. The goal of my campaign is to use Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to build an audience, and ask that audience to take a small step towards political activism. I will ask the audience across all three platforms to start by sending an email to their local MP or the Federal Environment Minister.

An example of an organisation that has successfully bridged the gap between social media awareness and political activism is GetUp!


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