BLANK Magazine

BLANK magazine is a new print and digital publication promoting a healthy balance of distraction and motivation. The BLANK audience is made up of university students and recent graduates, aged 17 to 25, guys and gals with a weakness for social media distractions and an attitude to deadlines that ranges from indifference to all-out panic. They have the occasional freak-out. Of course they do, they’re human. They’re not perfect but they don’t really want to be. They love living the student life. In between sleeping through lectures, sipping Campos coffee and engaging in creative pursuits completely unrelated to their uni assessments, they communicate mostly via technology and social media. They seek approval in ‘likes’, express opinion in tweets, and speak often in hashtags. Rarely seen without their mobiles, tablets and laptops, they’re tech-savvy and information-hungry, even if it does take them down a YouTube rabbit hole. They’re no strangers to procrastination. Most of the time, social media is the method by which they procrastinate so it’s only fitting that the best way to engage with them is through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Because if you’re going to procrastinate you may as well do it right and the best way to ensure that is to engage with BLANK on social media.

– Melania Berehovy