#BiteforBigBlue is a not-for-profit movement dedicated to giving our oceans a break. Our online community supports and motivates one another to achieve one simple goal: to stop eating our future on or from World Oceans Day 2015.

This movement is inspired by Sylvia Earle’s quest to protect the ocean from dramatic over-    extraction that has led to a 90% collapse of populations of big fish such as tuna and swordfish  (check out her TED talk here).

The primary audience of this campaign is 17-22 year old students in Australia. This audience is very active on social media – particularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat -and are quite likely to post and comment about politics. As such the campaign seeks to engage with them across these key platforms. Communications will also be designed to reflect key facts about this demographic: that they are likely to lack funds (or be financially dependent) and are likely to live at home (which has implications for their meal choices). Moreover, through creating an online community this movement seeks to allow these young people to create social capital and to find a place where they feel they belong.


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