Week 3 Lecture – Social Media, Creativity and Institutions

Please work your way through this week’s lecture which is located below:



2 thoughts on “Week 3 Lecture – Social Media, Creativity and Institutions

  1. Thinking about the role of the cultural intermediary I resonated with the word conduit that Jonathon used to describe their function between two stakeholders. My lenses at the moment are immersed in the world of PR so forgive me for seeing the role in that light. The role made sense with regards to PR theory which sees a PR manager as representing the brand they are part of but being able to listen and interact with where the public is gathering. They call this two way symmetrical communication as they are listening to both sides rather than just pushing a companies agenda in one direction. As much as brands need to be faithful I am aware of the tension they must reside in to meet the public where they are at so they can engage them to hopeful meet both their goals.

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  2. I found the idea of a cultural intermediary really interesting in the context of the role of a social media manager for an organisation. As the social media manager you are not only expected to create content that interests and engages your audience but also stays “on message” to an organisations brand. I imagine this could sometimes be a tricky thing to balance.

    The social media manager would typically know their audience pretty well, having spent time studying their online habits and what type of content they respond to the most. On the other hand they would also know their organisation really well – what type of message the company wants to communicate to their audience, and what their brand is and how that is expected to be represented publicly.

    The tricky part for a social media manager would be communicating to your online audience in a way that you know will appeal to them, while also linking it back to what your companies expectations, needs and goals are. I think this relates to how a social media manager could be seen as a cultural intermediary. Its their role to work in this intersection of audience and company.

    I think a social media strategy would have a lot of cross over with the general marketing and communications strategy for an organisation. As the way a company decides to “sell” and communicate their brand would also direct how they communicate on their social media platforms.


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