Week 2 #MECO6936 Lecture – SNS & UCC

Please follow the link below to access this week’s interactive lecture. You will find videos, case studeis and activities that focus on the core themes of social network sites and user created content (apologies for the poster image – it is automatically generated).

Week 2 lecture for MECO6936 Social Media Communication.


11 thoughts on “Week 2 #MECO6936 Lecture – SNS & UCC

  1. On creating my Ello account it struck me as an almagamation of a bunch of other social network sites. The feed/follow element is very similar to Twitter (in that I can engage with who I want to engage with, while ignoring who I would like to filter out), but unlike facebook, the Noise allows public interaction – even if you don’t reciprocate. The Noise feed reminded me a lot of Pinterest – in terms of layout and interaction.

    I did find it slightly pompous in tone (it was very much a forum of “We’re Better Than Regular Social Media Users” – especially things like “Our favourite users” – although this does encourage unique and engaging content. I saw it less as an inclusive this-is-for-everybody open forum (such as reddit, as in our lecture) and more of a self inclusive environment. I could see it hard to get into.

    Anyway, that’s my thoughts.

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  2. I found creating my Ello profile really interesting, mostly because it was so basic compared to other social media platforms! You are only asked for your name, a brief bio and any relevant links. It’s so different than something like facebook that is all about providing as much detail about yourself as possible. Such as what your interests are, what movies you like, what books you read, your age, where you live, religion, education etc.

    On Ello’s site it describes itself as “free from advertising, manipulation, and exploitation.” Also stating that on other online social sites: “Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into data. Advertisers buy your data so they can show you more ads. You are the product that’s bought and sold.” It seems that the lack of detail that Ello ask from you is perhaps an attempt to prove they are not as “invasive” as other social platforms, and that they don’t view their users as a product. They make it clear that they are not wanting to probe you for the type of information that would typically be used to sell to advertisers for market research etc. They are obviously trying to distinguish themselves from other social network sites by promoting the idea that the content their users create isn’t monitored and tracked.

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  3. I like the simple set up and smoothly it flowed. No specific information was required of me which was emphasized in both the video and the sign up description. I have to agree with Benjamin’s comment though, it does come off targeting a very specific type of person. A little condescending perhaps but maybe that’s just because I haven’t come across anything like this before.
    On first impression it reminds me a lot of pintrest and I like the visualization it provides. It’s cool that it is more of a creative and artistic platform an not focused on just information sharing in regards to interests or personal information. I’ll get into it and see what I think. A bit soon to judge perhaps.

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  4. I really liked the heart of what Ello is doing. Pitching themselves as ethical and honest and that comes across as Sydney mentioned with the way you interact with the site. To be honest though on first impressions it seems old school in its aesthetics and functions compared to using other SNS.

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  5. Ello there,

    I found that Ello was like a more hipster amalgamation twitter, instragram, pinterest and tumber. Ello seems to have a focus of art, design and image rather than social interaction between friends this is what set’s in apart from Facebook.

    I think that it is an interesting concept but personally it didn’t engage me the way other social media has in the past. It could be a cool place to market an up-and-coming design company though.


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  6. Interesting comments coming through that also reflect my own opinion of Ello – I think in principal it is pretty cool, but it does come off a little elitist. As in, only the hardcore of social media people deserve to be here – it may not actually be like this, but in my limited experience it is a fairly clique-like space.

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  7. My first reaction to Ello’s manifesto (the principle of which sounds genuinely ethical and honourable, of course) was to ask, ‘So how do they make any money?’ Maybe I’m just too used to being a product! That cynicism aside, I agree with everyone’s who’s said it seems a bit like an elitist Pinterest. I think it’s interesting that it’s a creative platform (for designers, illustrators, etc) that has developed this brand identity as the sole platform that won’t invade its users’ privacy, considering the potential copyright issues connected to post creative content to Facebook. It seems like a very worthwhile platform for its particular demographic, and I think focusing on such an immediate aesthetic difference – the lack of advertising – is a very effective way of distinguishing themselves from other social media platforms.


  8. When I first signed up for Ello, I felt it’s like a hacker site with black and white design style and quite basic interface. However, soon I was impressed by the principle behind the platform – free from advertising, manipulation and exploitation. I believe everyone who knows about how advertisers infiltrate into our lives via search engines and social media platforms will find this idea really fascinating.

    Since many people have mentioned that Ello reminds them a lot of Pinterest, I do too find the Noise feed is more about creativities and artistic platform. One thing I’m interested in about Ello is its user adhesiveness. Personally speaking, I forget about Ello days after I signed up for it and it may be because of two reasons. One is that when I try to find some inspiration for my design work, I still go for Pinterest. Another reason is that most of the people I contact and interact on social media platforms are those who I already know in my daily life. But on Ello, I know nobody and don’t have enough energy to cultivate a new social circle.


  9. I remember that people were talking about Ello as a sort of alternative to Tumblr, when Tumblr made major changes to its platform a few months ago, but that was all of my experience with the site until now.

    I have to admit that the first impression the platform gave me was related to its aesthetic. It looks nice and I like the sort of very minimalistic style they have. Because I didn’t know much about it, I actually watched the intro video, and I like the idea of adding people as Friend or Noise. As a Tumblr user, I think that’s something I wish that Tumblr had. The way of posting seems to be really simple too and it allows for a variety of posts, kind of like Tumblr in that sense (and now I understand why people saw it as an alternative).

    As to how I construct my identity online, I think I did it like I usually do in most social media (except for Facebook). I use my sort of “online persona” a lot more than a personal account. This means that I talk a lot about my nerdy interests (and even my username is related to that) and try to follow people who have the same interests.


  10. It’s almost as though I’m an outsider on Ello. When it first came about you could only gain an account by invitation (as most things are I find when introducing a new platform). But even now when I browse through the interface, although it’s incredibly aesthetically simplistic and beautiful, I can’t help but feel it’s for those who are completely all over it, inside and out. I wish I knew more about it and was more “Ello savvy.”
    I appreciate the creative aspect of it, but like platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, it’s yet another addition to the list of procrastination tools and I don’t need to acquire any more!


  11. A bit late to the Ello party, but my immediate impression is that it wants to be ‘hipster’ social media (for want of a better word). It presents itself as a 180 degree turn from sites that commodify users’ information and looks like a stripped down, back-to-basics approach to social networking. Like a lot of other people, I get the feeling that Ello considers their approach to be the superior one. I like the idea behind Ello and think that it looks and feels pretty cool in its simplicity. Interestingly, however, I feel completely unmotivated to do anything with it. I’m not sure if this is because I don’t feel subversive and jaded enough about mainstream social media to get excited about it (I don’t really have any complaints with what I use right now), or if it’s because the open-ended nature of Ello makes it difficult to know exactly how to approach it or what to do with it. Perhaps a bit of both, as I’m sure I could think of lots of things to do with it if I was as passionate about its concept as its creators. As it stands, though, I pretty much got through creating my account (and I did like how quick and easy it was), watched the introductory video, and went, ‘…well, that was interesting’. I guess I’m not part of their target audience, but it’s definitely a cool concept for a network.


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